Karaoke is a part of Singapore’s colourful entertainment life

KAre you interested in singing? KTV is a good channel to express your soul through your favourite songs and connect to people. You may even unleash your talent you never knew you have! Let your hair down and unwind with your group of friends or families. Forget about the perplexity of life as you belt out a song and have a drink or two!

So, get your vocal chords warmed up - it's karaoke time!

Darts Bar

Darts is a sport!

Other than karaoke and drinks, playing darts is a great way to pass the time with good friends or people you've just met. From the casual to the hardcore, darts is a game of finesse that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.

Darts is nonetheless enjoyable, becomes addictive for some people where the challenges of being consistent, shooting well, the passion of always hitting at one's aim and becoming successful keeps them coming back to the game. Practice makes perfect.

Come on down to dart for fun or a friendly match accompanied with your favourite beverages!

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